Marley 3'7" by 5'7"

Marley 3'7" by 5'7"


measures: 3’7” by 5’7”
Hamedan Khamseh

Small hole shown in one of the photos. Can be patched by request. It is about the size of a dime. Please email us at if you would like to have repaired for no additional cost.

unique features: A unique ivory field with a large center medallion. The darkest color is navy. Other colors are earthy terracotta, peach, dark olive, cerulean blue, muted pinks, dark brown. So beautiful!

Photos have been taken outside in natural light. We do our best to display the truest color of each rug. Please understand the overall tone of the rug is subject to the amount of light you receive in the room. Example, if placed in a bathroom with no windows the rug may have a slightly darker tone.

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