Rug Pads & Care

The Idea

is to buy quality over quantity and invest in a well constructed, one of a kind, piece of art and history that will last a lifetime...and then your kid's lifetime.  When a Jean Palmer rug is purchased so is an heirloom and your house instantly starts to have that collected and unique feel. 

If cared for properly the rug will increase in value overtime, memories will be created, and the rug's stories as well as the artist trade will continue to be shared.  

Our favorites are 100% wool, low pile with geometric designs, and gracefully worn areas giving each rug it's own character.

Care & Quality

are key!  Each vintage handmade rug we offer is made of all natural materials and natural dyes meaning they don't release toxins as well as releasing fewer allergens.  Many of our rugs are 100% wool while some are wool on a cotton foundation. 

Ways to preserve your investment are as follows:  Try and find a space that gets less traffic...But "that" runner would look so good in the kitchen.  Totally okay too! Most of our rugs have already lived a century or close to it and they are more durable than machine made rugs.  But the less foot traffic the better.  Generally handmade rugs can last a long time with low maintenance.  With the right settings, vacuuming should be done often, but gently.  Look for vacuums with variable suction and heights for different carpet piles.  Occasionally we also recommend a professional cleaning from someone who specializes in antique rugs.

For RUG PADS we suggest the Gorilla Grip felt and rubber sided pads. Shop them here.

100% Handmade

and we couldn't be happier about it.  This means the difference between an investment value and no investment value when comparing handmade rugs to machine made rugs as well as a major difference in the length of the rugs life.  You can buy a Persian rug and enjoy it in your home and it will still retain it's value (as long as properly cared for).  

Because each rug is handmade each rug is 100% unique.  This also means it takes much longer to produce each rug unlike a machine made rug that is produced with the same machine settings at a much quicker speed.